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I graduated with an Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology in 1984 and then successfully passed the licensing exam to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. I had been working with a local Veterinarian all through high school and working with animals was all I had ever wanted to do. Unfortunately, the economics of the day made life difficult for a young single woman to make ends meet so I gave up the career I had always wanted and went to nursing school. Being a nurse has been very rewarding, but I always felt something was missing. 

My passion to work with animals was rekindled in 2008 when I was adopted by a Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy, that I named Lily. I have always had pets, but Lily has reminded me just how strong the human-animal bond is and how rewarding it is to work towards a goal as a team. She currently holds titles in obedience, rally obedience, dock diving, lure coursing and tricks. She is a certified therapy dog and holds a certification as an AKC Community Canine. Recently we have added another Yellow Lab to our family named Willow. She was born in November of 2018 and by all indications she will be as active and successful as her sister. We also have a cat named Dodi who usually leads the trio into mischief.

I have always enjoyed sharing what knowledge I have, and teaching obedience classes was a natural expression of that. For the past several years I have taught obedience classes to include Manners, Competitive Obedience, STAR Puppy, Tricks, Rally and a behavior modification class. I am currently a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and have obtained professional trainer certification (CPDT-KA). I am a Tester/Evaluator with the Alliance of Therapy dogs.  I am a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator through the American Kennel Club. I have also earned a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) certification.

I look forward to working with you and your dog!



Class Descriptions

Click on the "Class Descriptions" from the menu to see a list of classes offered and more information about each class.  Not all classes are available every session.

Upcoming events!

New classes begin approximately every 6 weeks.   Click Register! from the menu tab to see whats available and to register for class.


How old does my puppy have to be to start class?

             A puppy must be at least 8 weeks old and he must have had his first set of vaccinations for at least a week to begin class.  The preferred age to start STAR Puppy is 8 - 12 weeks but may be up to 1 year old.

My dog is less than 6 months old. What class should I start with?

               If your dog is less than 6 months old you should start with STAR Puppy class. You will learn a lot about how your puppy grows and develops in this class.

My dog is 6 months or older. What class should I start with?

             If your dog is over 6 months old you should start with Manners Class.

If my dog already knows sit and down can't I skip Manners Class?

             Manners Class teaches more than just sit and down.  This class will prepare you to be more successful in the advanced classes.  Also the reliable recall and go to place are taught in this class.

I'm not sure how my dog will behave in group class.  Can we take a private class?

            Private class is available, however, your dog will not have the benefit of learning  with other dogs around.  I find many times learning in a group setting helps build confidence and increases focus in the dog and the handler!  Also you will see that you are not the only person with a dog who pulls on the leash! 


I have a very busy schedule and just don’t have time to train my dog. Can you help?

            Yes! Starting in January 2020 I will be offering Doggy Home School. This program allows me to train your dog in your home even while you are at work! Learn more by clicking on the DOGGY HOME SCHOOL tab.

Can you teach my dog to be a Therapy Dog?

          Well, not exactly! While it is important to teach your dog some basic obedience skills the ability to be a successful Therapy Dog depends on the dog himself.   Therapy Dog Prep will teach you and your dog some of the basic obedience skills you will need to safely perform visits as well as what therapy dogs do.

Do you train all breeds - are there some breeds you don't allow in class?

            I train all breeds of dogs.  I do not exclude any dog because of their breed.

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